What We Are About


Associating with TogetherWeLink means that you are choosing to be a part of something bigger than yourself. You are choosing to redirect your thinking with an open mind and heart; to acknowledging that differences do exist but differences do not make one person better or worse that another. 


We are standing together in solidarity and bringing a voice to ALL injustices that directly and indirectly divide people. We are working towards shifting the social stigmas that create difference into building a unified front against all unfair treatment. 


TogetherWeLink is devoted to developing a platform for individuals to be respected and to build dialogue that creates awareness. We are dedicated to creating an environment that enables equity, inclusion, and coexistence.  

Top Five UCLA

Newest feature of CEO Kelli Hayes and TogetherWeLink on Top Five UCLA.

"Top Five is a counter-narrative to collegiate athletics". Where they "represent integrity, authenticity, and the chance to change the narrative"!

Cronkite Sports LA features CEO Kelli Hayes and TogetherWeLink. This video reflects on Kelli's senior year at UCLA as the "glue player", a leader, and the legacy she is continuing to build beyond UCLA. 

The Creation Story - Part 1

The creation of TogetherWeLink is one to be heard! This video reveals a snippet of who we are for, what we stand for, when we started, where we plan to grow, why we began, and how to be apart of something great!

The Creation Story - Part 2

A finishing touch to conclude the two part series of TogetherWeLink. UCLA's Daily Bruin captured our vision, as well as the people that have helped along the way.